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Probably an absolute best in the Caribbean, Bahamas also hit the top charts as one of the best diving destinations on earth. Featuring some of the best shark dives in the world as well as sunken galleons, blue holes, forest-like coral reefs, and underwater caves, these sun-kissed islands amaze divers from around the world

Reviews about Bahamas Liveaboards

Morning Star Liveaboard Star LiveaboardBlackbeard’s Cruises, 1 review

What an experience!

This was a really fun dive trip and the best I’ve ever had. The staff were amazing and so helpful in anyway possible. They literally gave us their jackets to make sure we were warm. I enjoyed the little trips to the beach and spearfishing but I wish we got to see the Iguanas on the island while waiting. I understand there were boat traffic and we were only suppose to be there for a short time but I’m sure it could have been managed. Also there were confusion amongst customers about the spearfishing and diving. It was our impression we were to spearfish is a place we weren’t to dive. So we were disappointed when we dived the same place twice where we spearfished.

Overall the whole experience was fantastic and I would highly recommend Blackbeard to other dive buddies. :)
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Carib Dancer Liveaboard Dancer LiveaboardAggressor Fleet & Dancer Fleet, 5 reviews

Full slate of first rate fun

The Bahamas Aggressor captain and crew are excellent. Captain Christy got us to some great dive spots including the Blue Hole, Washing Machine, and a slew of wall and reef dives in the Exumas. I took a significant course aboard, Diver Stress & Rescue and my instructor, Rachel, was thorough, patient, and made it all work seamlessly while also affording me time for many fun dives. Brynn, Rob, James, and Caleb rounded out the crew leading great dives, keeping us well cared for with good food and warm towels after every dive and capturing it all on video and photos. There are fancier boats but this one served us very well. No complaints, would head back again tomorrow if I could.
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