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Probably an absolute best in the Caribbean, Bahamas also hit the top charts as one of the best diving destinations on earth. Featuring some of the best shark dives in the world as well as sunken galleons, blue holes, forest-like coral reefs, and underwater caves, these sun-kissed islands amaze divers from around the world

Reviews about Bahamas Liveaboards

Bahamas Master Liveaboard Master LiveaboardBlue O Two & Worldwide Dive and Sail, 15 reviews

Great and safe diving with sharks

Die Organisation von Schiff und der Tauchgaenge war gut bis sehr gut. Der Schiffsaufbau ist passend zumTauchen und die Freizeit auf Boot.
Toller Service, s.gute Kueche!!

Das Risiko fuer pot. Tauchunfaelle war auf dieser Tour klar erhoeht aufgrund gleich mehrerer ungeuebter Taucher, die zudem Lernresistenz gegenueber Instruktionen und mehrfacher Hinweise zeigten.
TIPP: Voraussetzung mind. 100 TG;
In den letzten 12 -18 Mte aktiv getaucht, inkl. OpenWater TG
(Basics muessen sitzen, z.B. Tarierung);
Keine mehrjaehrige Pausen vor Tour.
--> Diese Punkte sind beim Start der Tour zwingend zu pruefen (Logbuch); Tarierung beim checkdive.
Vielen Dank!
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Bahamas Aggressor Liveaboard Aggressor LiveaboardAggressor Fleet, 6 reviews

Friendly, Helpful and Enthiustiastic Staff

I was aboard December 14-21. My cabin was possibly the smallest on the boat, with (I'm being generousness) 6X2 feet of floor space. Not much time other than sleeping is spent in there but my roller duffel didn't fit in the under bunk storage area and had to be stored in the wheelhouse. My top bunk in that tiny cabin featured an air duct running it's length, intruding so low that I could barely turn over. No grab rails are provided so it's a leap of faith getting out of the thing in the morning.
I can't say enough about the crew of Bahamas Aggressor. They are to a person, truly on top of their game, striving to deliver a personable, exciting, and safe as possible open water diving experience on some great dive sites around Exuma and Eleuthera islands.
The boat is well kept, although we did have a failure of the nitrox system during filling of tanks before the last dive of the trip, and during the run back to Nassau the AC unit failed (it was repaired not too long after our arrival at the dock).
Food? Fantastic! And plenty of snacks between dives. If I win the lottery I might hire the cook away from Bahamas Aggressor.
The first and last nights were spent in port of Nassau. There is a party / bar boat a couple hundred feet from where BHA ties up. Its music blares until early in the AM and the pounding bass is not easily muffled, even with a pillow over ones head and wearing noise canceling headphones. I probably got four hours of sleep the first night. The last night I was tired enough that I got about six hours.
I'd go out on BHA again on the Tiger beach itinerary, it runs out of Freeport much less a party city and port, I am told. I'd think twice about the Nassau itinerary again, great diving but good gosh that music!
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