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Probably an absolute best in the Caribbean, Bahamas also hit the top charts as one of the best diving destinations on earth. Featuring some of the best shark dives in the world as well as sunken galleons, blue holes, forest-like coral reefs, and underwater caves, these sun-kissed islands amaze divers from around the world

Reviews about Bahamas Liveaboards

Bahamas Aggressor Liveaboard Aggressor LiveaboardAggressor Fleet, 9 reviews

First Aggressor Experience was a Success!

My Bahamas Aggressor dive experience was wonderful! This was my first Aggressor liveaboard and experienced great service, lots of fun and plenty of diving. The Captain, Jonathan, was great at taking us to safe locations (dodging high winds etc), communicating with everyone what was happening and even included a couple of fun activities not on the itinerary! The hot showers followed by a warm towel on the dive deck after finishing each dive was spectacular! Looking forward to my next Aggressor experience!
Bahamas Aggressor Liveaboard Aggressor LiveaboardAggressor Fleet, 9 reviews

Great diving in the Bahamas

I enjoyed a terrific diving week at the Bahamas with Aggressor. Everything about the week was perfect. Although this was the oldest boat in the fleet, the very first one worldwide, so of course the boat itself was not as up today as others, the Captain & the crew more than made up for it. The service and the food on the boat was terrific and so was the diving. We had 3 shark dives with over 12 Sharks photographed at close range. The water in the Bahamas in Feb is cooler, at 75 degrees, my 3 mm suite will not do. The boat gave me a complementary 5 mm suite which was perfect. I also had a brand new fins which proved to be tight & again they loaned me one. You can't ask for better service. I have booked 2 more dives with Aggressor & will shoot for joining their 7 Seas club. I have done diving on 23 liveaboard boats & dived in 41 countries. Aggressor is clearly a cut above the rest.
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Bahamas Aggressor Liveaboard Aggressor LiveaboardAggressor Fleet, 9 reviews

An amazing week with the absolute best crew and service

The crew on the Bahamas Aggressor was absolutely incredible. We were taken care of from the moment they brought us coffee in bed to freshly cooked foods and pastries 5 times a day all the way to Bailey’s and hot chocolate after night dives. The food was incredible, the crew was so attentive, friendly, kind and warm. It really felt like a little family onboard. The dive equipment was all brand new, the instructors all very knowledgeable and safety was taken very seriously. An incredible value, so much so, I got back on land and googled which other aggressor trips I could take in the near future. The boat was a little on the older side and cabins were small but that didn’t matter at all to me given my only use for a cabin was sleep. Thanks for a wonderful week! Five star service all the way!
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