Liveaboard diving in

Zingara Wreck


As Zíngara Wreck is more of a deep dive, it is more suitable for experienced divers who like the depth and hidden secrets of wrecks. This dive site is usually offered as a multi-level dive that consists not only of visiting the shipwreck itself, but also the colorful coral reef to the south of the freighter.

When To Go Diving

The Zíngara Wreck is an exciting dive spot off the coast of Sosúa in the northern Dominican Republic that offers great diving conditions throughout the year. The average air temperatures are around 77-82F/25-28C, with the best period to enjoy the underwater treasures being June to September. The water here has an average temperature ranging from 79F/26C to 86F/30C and remains quite clear even during the rainy season. The visibility range is 80-100ft/24-30m and allows for deep diving at any time.

What to see

This dive site is presided by the interesting, 100ft/30m-long freighter, intentionally sunk in 1992 to turn it into a diving paradise. Right now it is covered with 117ft/35m of water and serves as a home to abundant sea life. Although this shipwreck is influenced by the currents and winter swells, it has a lot to offer when it comes to species variety. While smaller species include porcupinefish, glassfish and lionfish, larger ones include green morays and great barracudas.