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  • Depth max:

    15 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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Astron wreck is a famous dive site situated in the magnificent Punta Cana region. Owned by Russia and built in France, the ship sank in 1979 while delivering huge amount of corn to Cuba. The dive site features high water visibility. The ship is situated at an average depth of 12-15m/40--50ft with the length of the wreck being around 92m/300ft. The wreck is conveniently positioned not far from the beach with its top still can showing above the water. The ship remains well preserved, so divers get a chance to take a good look at the structure.

When To Go Diving

Diving is available all year-round. The average air temperature stays around 25-30C/77-86F. The average water temperature ranges between 27-29C/81-84F. The depth of the site is 15m/49ft. The water visibility is around 30m/98ft. Currents are low, less than 1 knot. Diving is available for all divers.

What to see

The variety of underwater flora and fauna here is really thrilling. Unique combinations of diverse coral formations and sponges mixed with sea life from both Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea fill the place with fantastic shapes and colors. Barracudas, rays, yellowtail snappers and plenty of different tropical fish can be spotted on a daily basis.