Liveaboard diving in

Raymond's Point

  • Depth max:

    35 m
  • Visibility:

    to 35m
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Raymond’s Point is a dive site at Siladen Island in Indonesia that features a large cave and a vertical wall. It is part of the Bunaken National Marine Park, which contributes to species conservation. The bottom has rocks and a beautiful coral reef.

When To Go Diving

Raymond’s Point is a year-round dive destination, with the best conditions from March to October. The water temperature is usually 27-29C/81-84F, while the air averages 28C/82F. The visibility is lower from November to January.

What to see

Raymond’s Point is known for the especially rich sea life in its wire-coral and whip-coral forests. The variety of fish includes lionfish, moray eels, tuna, eagle rays, damselfish, angelfish, and blennies. Other creatures include lobsters, different types of crabs, nudibranchs, starfish, and shrimp.

Reviews about Raymond's Point

Raymond's Point
A great drift dive! Where you can get to see big pelagic fishes, as the currents are very strong; as well as beautiful coral and lots of sponges. In fact it is the richest dive site in Wire corals. Here we got to see an eel, turtles, parrot fish and plenty of marine life and reef fish.
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