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Bunaken diving unveils a world of breathtaking sights, from a diverse range of fish species like angelfish and parrotfish, to the stunning coral formations that adorn the underwater landscape. Bunaken boasts an impressive biodiversity, with over 390 species of coral and numerous fish species. Divers can encounter an array of colorful marine creatures including angelfish, butterflyfish, lionfish, and even turtles. The vibrant coral formations are a sight to behold, with walls and slopes adorned with a stunning variety of hard and soft corals

When To Go Diving

For diving enthusiasts, the best time to explore the wonders of Bunaken is between April and November, during the dry season. Divers are treated to an incredible variety of fish species year-round, including magnificent angelfish and parrotfish that grace the vibrant coral reefs. While moderate currents can be encountered, they create an exhilarating environment for diving enthusiasts. The underwater temperature in Bunaken ranges from 27°C to 30°C (81°F to 86°F), ensuring a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for underwater exploration

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Bunaken, a mesmerizing dive destination, reveals a stunning underwater realm brimming with life. As divers descend into its depths, they encounter a rich diversity of fish species that inhabit these waters. Graceful angelfish and vibrant parrotfish captivate observers with their colors. Delicate coral formations adorn the reefs, showcasing an array of species such as brain coral and staghorn coral, creating a captivating backdrop for divers to explore. Bunaken entices adventurers with its thriving ecosystem, where the intricate dance of marine life and the vibrant beauty of coral create an unforgettable diving experience

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