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Rabaul, located on the northeastern tip of New Britain in Papua New Guinea, is a dive destination steeped in history. Known for its volcanic activity and World War II relics, Rabaul offers a unique blend of natural and historical underwater experiences. The volcanic activity in the area also contributes to the unique underwater topography, creating an intriguing environment for divers. Rabaul's unique combination of history, natural beauty, and volcanic features make it particularly appealing to more experienced divers who are looking for an extraordinary diving adventure


When To Go Diving

The optimal time for diving in Rabaul is from April to June and September to November. These months typically provide the best balance of weather conditions and marine life visibility. During these periods, divers can expect water temperatures to range between 28°C and 30°C (82°F to 86°F), ensuring comfortable diving conditions. The visibility in Rabaul is generally good, often ranging from 15 to 30 meters (49 to 98 feet)


What to see

The area is populated with a variety of fish, including pelagic species, reef sharks, and schools of smaller reef fish. Divers can enjoy vibrant coral formations, with a mix of hard and soft corals that thrive in the nutrient-rich waters