Liveaboard diving in

Blue Hole

  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    30 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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This natural round hole rock formation carved out over centuries by the wind and the sea is over 10m/32ft in diameter and is 16m/52ft deep. There is a large window on 7m/22ft below the surface, which enables divers to leave and return from the open sea. On the seabed at the back of the Blue Hole is a cave, which is normally explored at the end of the dive. Along from the Blue Hole is the Chimney, which is a fissure large enough for one diver at a time before it opens up at the depth of around 8m/26ft into an area known as the Coral Garden.

When To Go Diving

Diving is available year-round. The average air temperature is 10-15C/50-59 F in winter and 21-30C/70-83F in summer. The average water temperature is about 14-17C/58-63F from December through April and 18-25C/65-77F from May through November.

What to see

Throughout the dive, one can see various species, including bream, parrot fish, large dusky grouper, saupe, cardinal fish, moray eel, lobster and octopus.

Reviews about Blue Hole

Fantastic marine life
The Blue Hole dive site in Dwejra overlooks the beautiful Azure Window and starts in a fantastic 10m wide inland sea pool which leads into a large crevice and through to the open sea. Once you start your dive you will see a natural rock arch with clear blue waters that is your doorway leading to the open sea.
You HAVE TO GO to Blue Hole if you are in Dahab! E
You HAVE TO GO to Blue Hole if you are in Dahab! Excellent for freediving! You will be really impressed to go to the small gap between the rocks just if you are not claustrophobic of course :D Apparently it's good for snorkeling as well... I\The place is really popular, so be ready it can get crowded. Jer
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