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Blue Hole

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  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    190 m
  • Visibility:

    to 40m
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Blue Hole is one of the most famous dive sites in Dahab. It is a spectacular, but somewhat dangerous site which is recommended for advanced divers. The Blue Hole is a sinkhole (a kind of cave), around 130m/426ft deep. There is a shallow opening around 6m/19ft deep, known as “the saddle”, leading to the sea, and a 26m/85ft long tunnel, known as “the arch”, the top of which lies at a depth of 52m/170ft. The hole itself and the surrounding areas are rich with corals and marine life.

Popular Liveaboard Fleets in Egypt:
Snefro Fleet - catering to both, groups and individuals with 7 liveaboards in the fleet, operate in Egypt, the Red Sea
Sea Serpent Fleet Egypt- 6 liveaboards fleet, offers diving cruises in Egypt, the Red Sea
Blue Planet Liveaboards Fleet- owns and operates 4 Liveaboards in the Sudan and Egypt

When To Go Diving

Diving in Egypt is possible all the year long. Water temperature ranges from 22 to 28C/76 to 82F. Average air temperatures 20-34C/68-93F.

What to see

Main Features: reef, shore dive, reef wall, corals, tunnel, drop off. Underwater life: clownfish anemones, trevallies, jacks, barracuda and possibly white-tip and grey reef sharks.

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Reviews about Blue Hole

Blue Hole
Guys, The Blue Hole in Dahad is a must see. If you ever drop by Dahab, make sure you visit the Blue Hole. Words are not enough to describe it :)
April, 2013... It was my amazing Conquista of Blue Hole , Egypt I ever dreamed before!) Sertainly, I`ve heard if this Dive site the most popular in the World! But I couldnt even imagine such purity of water! Incredible visibility! 45 meters deep! But the most impression Ive got when I reached 15 m and turned my face back up to surface... Gee, crowds of snorklers above me looked liked an actors in 3D cinema! I totally was shocked with so warm water in spite of my deep of dive - even at 30 meters the temperature was 18 d... Read more
egrees above Zero! And how can i explain my delight when I could even touch the real coral and watch splash of colorful fishes just in a foot of my nose!))
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