Scuba diving in Alcatraz

From Boat
Average: not available
Maximum: 82 ft
Mild to strong
Average: 32.8 ft
Maximum: 49.2 ft
Alcatraz Reef in the Philippines is a beautiful dive site around a small and rocky island. The reef has good opportunities for divers to see turtles.

When to go

Diving is available here all year. In general temperatures here are about 24-33C/75-91F. The rainy season is from July to October, but there are dry days even during rainy months. The water temperature varies between 25-31C/77-88F.

What to see

The underwater marine life at Alcatraz Reef includes various angelfish, snapper, anemonefish, batfish, cuttlefish, blue-spotted stingrays, and colorful nudibranchs.

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