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    35 m
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    to 30m
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Balicasag Island

Balicasag Island is a spectacular dive spot, located 10km southwest of Panglao. It has pristine white beaches, world-class resorts and a 400m of protected marine sanctuary situated on the southern side of the island. Balicasag Island has four main dive sites to visit with the depth varying between 5-60m/16-196ft: Black Forest (on the eastern side), Divers' Heaven (on the north-eastern side), Cathedral/Royal Garden (on the northern side) and Balicasag Sanctuary (on the western side). One of the most popular sites here is Divers' Heaven. It is a wall dive with depth varying from 10m/32ft to 40m/131ft, and like Black Forest, it is typically a drift dive. Black Forest is a coral covered slope, where on 30m/98 depth many black corals (outside they are light green to yellow, but the inside is black) can be found. Balicasag Sanctuary and Cathedral sites feature a wall with many over-hangs and abundant marine life. This spot is suitable for divers and snorkelers

When To Go Diving

The best time to dive this site is from December to June, but diving is possible the rest of the year as well. The average water temperature ranges between 27-30°C/80-86°F all year round

What to see

The area offers many walls, which drop down to over 40m/131ft depth, drop-offs, lots of caverns and over-hangs. It is a very diverse diving spot, where divers will encounter a multitude of fish and wonderful soft and hard corals and sponges. Napoleon, see turtles, sharks, a large school of mackerels and barracudas, jacks, groupers and batfish, as well as scorpion fish, nudibranch, frog fish and eels can be seen here on a regular basis

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