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Rangali Madivaru

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    30 m
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    to 30m
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South Ari Atoll
The Rangali Madivaru dive site is located at the southwest point of the big reef plateau near the island of Rangali. The well-known feature of this site is the plethora of manta rays that use this place as the cleaning station during the northeast monsoon. The site was named after this (“Madi” means “ray” in the local language). The reef's highest point at Rangali Madivaru is 8m/26ft, from which it smoothly slopes to the sea floor to 30m/98ft deep. The northern part of the reef has many overhangs, caves, and cracks with an abundance of critters inside. Because of the strong currents that can often appear, the site is mostly recommended for very experienced divers.

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When To Go Diving

The most appropriate time to visit Rangali Madivaru is during the northeast monsoon that lasts from December to April. During this time the sea is calmest and it is also the season for intense manta ray activity. The ocean temperature is constant and hovers between 26-29C/79-84F year-round.

What to see

Diverse marine fauna can be spotted at the Rangali Madivaru dive site, such as manta rays, shoals of cleaner wrasses, scorpionfish, leaf fish, and lionfish.Moray eels, firefish, basslets, Napoleon wrasses, and midnight snapper are also frequent guests. Beautiful sea plants can be found at Rangali Madivaru as well, including subtle sea fans and exotic table corals.

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