Scuba diving in Prince Albert Wreck

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From Boat
Diver level
Average: 13 m
Maximum: 22 m
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 30 m
Prince Albert is a 47m/165ft long tanker, situated in the CoCo View channel. The wreck with a cargo of war refugees left Nicaragua and headed for Roatan. After escaping the country and delivering the refugees the ship remained in French Harbor where it was stripped of valuables. Some time later, Bill Evans, the owner of Coco View Resort, wanted to gain the wreck for the benefit of his diving guests. Thanks to a local businessman Albert Jackson it became possible, and the wreck was named after him. This wreck was intentionally sunk in 1984 and it is still in good condition. The interior spaces can be accessed by advanced divers only, while the hull, main deck and bridge can be explored by divers of all levels of experience. Macro photography and night diving can be quite spectacular. Also a DC-3 aircraft fuselage is located just 30m/98ft off the bow of the wreck.

When to go

Diving is possible all year round. Although the rainy season lasts from July to January, water temperatures stay warm throughout the year and vary between 25C/78F and 29C/84F.

What to see

Many years of algae and soft coral growth covers the entire wreck. Eagle rays, southern stingrays, nurse sharks, barracuda and squid often pass alongside, moray and garden eels can be found near the stern, and arrow seahorses and numerous crabs inhabit the deck.

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