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Philippine Siren Liveaboard

Great DiveVerified review

I really enjoyed the dive. The rooms on the boat were the largest I ever experienced, the food was fine and the crew was outstanding. The diving was fantastic. The only negative point was the lack of fish !!!, the corals were great so were the critters, but there is way overfishing even in the marine reserves !!! , and I was told the natives ate all the fish during COVID. I had been to most of the sites several years before & can see the clear difference.
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Pacific Master Liveaboard

PNG Solomons TripVerified review

It was my second trip in the TAKA. It is a basic boat but it suits me. Cabin to myself. Showers and toilets that worked. The food had improved greatly since my first trip and we were well catered for. The staff are friendly and efficient. Unfortunately the diving on this trip was a little disappointing.
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Galapagos Master Liveaboard

Thank you for A MUST DO tripVerified review

Great experience last year a few weeks before the Arch fell to the sea. Guides were great (Geoffrey, Natalia), the boat team was great, the captain was great and the sharks were great. Prey to get good current and good divers around you. This boat caters to great divers. Should be your first choice for the Galapagos if the diving experience is paramount to you. Must do trip, particularly if you can afford the 10 days trip for the full HH sharks experience. Will try to go for it again one day!
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About Master Liveaboards

Master Liveaboards was created especially for divers to show stunning and gorgeous diving destinations of French Polynesia, Micronesia, Ecuador, Maldives and the Red Sea. Your equipment will be always well managed thanks to big dive decks, where you will find many storage places. Of course spaces for relaxation outdoor and indoor lounge zones. Also you will be pleased to know that all Master Liveaboards has plenty of recharging points places for preparation of cameras. Fleets qualified team guarantee that your diving holidays will be remarkable. You can expect that you will get the best of destination like Galapagos, Fakarava and Rangiroa, Truk Lagoon. Meet the fascinating underwater creatures like Mola mola, Galapagos sharks and eagle rays, black tip, white tip, hammerhead, tiger, silky and oceanic white tip during the safari on one of the Master Liveaboards
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Master Liveaboards Payment Terms & Cancellation

15% is needed to secure the booking. 40% is needed if you book less then 183 days prior to departure. The remaining part should be paid 63 days prior to the arrival. If you book later then 63 days before the start of the trip - the total amount should be paid at a time. In case of cancellation, 15 % will be charged. If you cancel 63 days before the start of the trip, the cancellation fee will be 100%
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