Embark on a breathtaking dive adventure in the Solomon Islands, where untouched reefs and an explosion of marine life await
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The Solomon Islands, a scattered archipelago in the South Pacific, is a diving sanctuary known for its pristine underwater environments and astonishing biodiversity. This diver's utopia boasts an incredible array of fish species, including vibrant reef fish like butterflyfish, angelfish, and clownfish. Larger species such as barracuda, jacks, and tunas patrol the blue, while reef sharks and rays add a thrill to every dive.

The coral gardens here are some of the world's most vibrant, with an impressive array of both hard and soft corals. Divers can explore massive sea fans, branching staghorn corals, and delicate soft corals, all teeming with colorful reef life. The Solomon Islands also offer some of the best wreck diving in the world, with several World War II wrecks now serving as artificial reefs.

The journey from Honiara's Henderson International Airport to your liveaboard embarkation point is straightforward, with most operators offering transfers. These untouched islands, accessible primarily by liveaboard diving cruises, promise an exclusive and serene diving experience away from the crowds


When To Go Dive in Solomon Islands

The best time to dive the Solomon Islands is between April and November when the seas are calmest. Water temperatures remain a comfortable 27-30°C (81-86°F) year-round, offering warm diving with excellent visibility often exceeding 30 meters (100 feet)

Water temperature
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most well-known dive sites of Solomon Islands?

The Solomon Islands, renowned for their stunning biodiversity and historical wrecks, are home to several well-known dive sites that attract divers from around the world. Here are descriptions of some of the most famous ones:

Florida Islands:

  • Nestled close to the larger island of Guadalcanal, the Florida Islands (also known as Nggela or the New Georgia Islands) are famed for their World War II wrecks. Dive sites like "White Beach" offer unique opportunities to explore relics from the past amidst thriving marine life. These islands are also known for their beautiful drop-offs and coral gardens.

Mary Island (Mborokua):

  • Often referred to as a marine oasis, Mary Island is a small, uninhabited island surrounded by sheer walls, stunning coral formations, and abundant fish life. The site is renowned for its pelagic action; divers can expect to see schools of barracudas, jacks, and the occasional cruising shark. The underwater topography and dynamic marine life make it a thrilling dive spot.

Russel Islands:

  • The Russel Islands offer a mix of everything, from fascinating wrecks to vibrant reefs. Leru Cut, a famous dive site here, is a narrow channel cutting into the island, where sunlight filters through the overhead canopy creating a surreal diving experience. The Russel Islands are also known for "Custom Cave" and "Mirror Pond," offering unique diving encounters.

Marovo Lagoon:

  • The world's largest saltwater lagoon, Marovo Lagoon, is encircled by barrier reefs teeming with marine life and dotted with idyllic islands. The lagoon's dive sites feature stunning coral gardens, drop-offs, and numerous small islets and cays to explore. Divers here enjoy clear waters, a variety of reef fish, rays, sharks, and occasional sightings of larger pelagic species.

Each of these locations offers a unique glimpse into the underwater world of the Solomon Islands, with historical relics, vibrant reefs, and a plethora of marine life, making it a top destination for divers seeking adventure and beauty beneath the waves

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Solomons Master (Truk Master)
Worst liveaboard that I have ever been on! I have been on probably about 10 liveaboard trips over the past decade including to Palau (x3), Indonesia, Maldives, Cocos island, Philippines, Gal... Read more
apagos, etc.  Diving with Solomon Master Liveaboards has been the only negative one that I have ever had.  First, the trip was delayed as they did not have their act together to insure that everything was sorted with the port authority.  There was minimal communication about the complication, and I did not find this out until I actually arrived at which time I was informed that departure would be delayed by at least a day.  When you have travelled 30+ hours at enormous cost and have used your limited vacation, this is a huge deal.  They were also going to insist that I share a room with a stranger despite the fact that the boat was not at full capacity.  It seemed like the very least they could do given their mistake, but I had to escalate it to the head office after I was told repeatedly that I would be charged twice as much for this even though that room would have gone empty, and they would not have realized any additional profit.  Second, the dive boat was not up to par with no hot water, only intermittent air conditioning within rooms, and no Wi-Fi services despite the fact that this was advertised.  Third, there were only 2 dive masters.  One of them was having ear problems so actually did not go on several of the dives, and the other had not dove a lot of the dive sites.  I felt like the situation was borderline unsafe.  My list of complaints actually continues but wanted to restrain it to the ones that I found most problematic.  Needless to say, I will avoid Master Liveaboards at all costs in the future
P. Sabrina
Solomons Master (Truk Master)
Master dives - Truk Master
One of the best crews, if not the best one of all my trips! Go on!
Solomons Master (Truk Master)
Having a blast
First a word about the diving. Diving the ghost fleet of bikini is simply awesome. Some of the best wreck diving in the world, where else in the world can one dive on an aircraft carrier, ba... Read more
ttleships, destroyers, and attack subs on one trip and also see tiger sharks on deco! The fish life and sharks are healthy and adds excitement on each dive. Now a word on the boat and crew, they were simply five stars. They accomodated my vegetarian habits and and are exceptionally helpful with all aspects of the trip. The guided dives and dive planning was really nice. On top of everything the boat is very comfortable and I especially liked the bathrooms compared to all the other liveaboards I've been on