Liveaboard diving in

Lapay Koray

  • Depth max:

    18 m
  • Visibility:

    to 20m
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Diving in this area is available for divers of all experience levels. The depth of the site is 12-18m/39-59ft. The visibility is good. To get to this dive site requires a short boat trip. But it is well worth the effort.

When To Go Diving

In February the air temperature can be as high as 29C/84F and in August the air temperature is around 24C/75F. The water temperature is about 27C/81F in the winter and about 24C/75F in the summer.

What to see

Divers will be able to see a wide variety of reef fish including moray eels, scorpion fish, batfish, schools of yellow snappers as well as white tip reef sharks, turtles, sting rays, schools of eagle rays, octopus, banner fish, groupers, anemones, clownfish, hard coral formations, lobsters, stone and shell fish.