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    20 m
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    to 15m
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Ginama-An is a man made dive site situated near Dauin in Philippines It is constructed out of old car tires. The artificial reef attracts a lot of marine life. This spot is especially famous for its amazing macro photography opportunities.

When To Go Diving

The best time to dive at Ginama-An is the period between January and May, but the site is open throughout the year. The water is quite warm with the average temperature staying between 26-28C/79-82F. The air temperature stays around 28-30C/92-98F during the warmer months.

What to see

The site is full of bright sponges, crustaceans and small critters. The species that are easy to spot around include octopus, pipefish, parrotfish, gobies and frogfish. Some bigger fish include snapper, barracuda and mackerel. Nudibranches of different types and colors add to the variety of the local sea life.

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