Scuba diving in Marigondon Cave

From Boat, From Shore
Diver level
Average: 95.12 ft
Maximum: 236.16 ft
Medium (1-2 knots)
Average: 32.8 ft
Maximum: 98.4 ft

Marigondon Cave is the most exciting dive along the coast of Mactan Island, Cebu. It has a roof at around 29m/95ft and a floor at about 40m/133ft. The diameter of the cave is near 10m/33ft. At the entry, there is a small alcove. The maximum depth that divers can reach is 72m/236ft. This dive site is best suited for experienced divers.

When to go

While the best time to come here is from December to June, diving is possible all year round. The coolest month is January and the warmest is May. The average air temperature stays between 24-32C/75-89F. The water is warm and clear. The water temperature ranges from 27C/80F to 30C/86F.

What to see

There are lion fish at the entry. Deeper inside divers can spot schools of flash light fish which are blinking in the dark, as well as some giant crabs.

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