Scuba diving in Chicken Reef

From Boat
Diver level
Average: not available
Maximum: 30 m
Strong ( > 2 knots)
Average: 20 m
Maximum: 30 m
The Chicken Reef site sits to the northeast of Kri Island, and requires diving at more than 30m/98ft of depth. It is a reef with various soft and hard corals and some rock formations. The reef has an enormous number of magnificent reef fish. This site is exposed to strong currents, which is why the Chicken Reef site is only recommended for intermediate divers and higher levels.

When to go

It's possible to dive in the Raja Ampat region all year round due to the exceptionally warm water ranging from 28-30C/82-86F. However, the best time to dive is mid-October to mid-December, due to the sunny weather and calm seas.

What to see

Some of the life here includes table corals, black staghorn corals, feather corals, angelfish, clown triggerfish, butterflyfish, trevallies, surgeonfish, and red-margin shrimpgobies.

Reachable from

Raja Ampat

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