Scuba diving in Banda Neira Pier

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Average: not available
Maximum: 9 m
Average: 18 m
Maximum: 30 m
The shallowness of Banda Neira Pier and light current of 1 knot make it a nice dive site for novice divers who want to enjoy a coral garden full of schooling fish. The visibility is between 18-30m/59-98ft, while the average depth is 9m/30ft.

When to go

Banda Neira Pier is a dive site in Raja Ampat located close to the island of New Guinea. The air temperature is between 27-32C/81-90F, while the water temperature averages 27C/81F. The best time to dive is from October to April.

What to see

Sunset dives provide a view of mandarinfish mating close to the surface, while the bottom is home to parrotfish, waspfish, and crocodilefish.

Reachable from

Raja Ampat

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