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Alor is a small volcanic island in Indonesia that is well-known for its remoteness, diversity of species, and interesting underwater landscapes. It has drop-offs, swim-thoughs, and overhangs. Due to the strong currents, the sites around Alor are more suitable for advanced divers. Drift diving and muck diving are available at some spots. The depth of the more than 15 dive sites here varies between 12-40m/39-131ft, while the visibility is 12-30m/39-98ft. The most popular dive sites at Alor are Sharks Galore (many different types of sharks), Twilight Zone (famous for a lava flow, volcanic black sand, a drop-off of 40m/131ft, and adventurous night dives), and Kal’s Dream (large schools of fish and numerous small crustaceans).

When To Go Diving

It is possible to dive at Alor year-round, but the most suitable conditions for diving are from March to December. During the rest of the year, there can be quite a lot of rain and rougher surface conditions. The water temperature ranges from 25-32C/77-90F, while the air stays around 29-30C/84-86F.

What to see

Many divers are interested in Alor for the opportunity to spot dolphins, pilot whales and different types of sharks. Some interesting species here include eagle rays, barracudas, snake eels, Spanish dancers, and tuna. The macro life is diverse, including nudibranchs, shrimp, octopi, bobbit worms, and brightly colored anemones.

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