Liveaboard diving in

Torombi Pinnacles

  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    20 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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This site is a reef dive that is suitable for all diver levels. In the summer months divers will spot schools of barracudas right under the boat, and rays, scorpionfish, and lionfish moving around the deeper part of the pinnacles.

When To Go Diving

It is possible to dive here at any time of the year, although if divers prefer really warm water, it is best to visit between June and September, when the water temperature can rise to 30C/86F. During the winter months the average water temperature is 20-22C/68-72F.

What to see

At Torombi Pinnacles, divers will see thousands of small reef fish around the colorful hard corals. Some of the marine species that can be spotted at this site are barracudas, blue-spotted stingrays, scorpionfish, and even hawksbill turtles.