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Tatawa Besar

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Tatawa Besar boats one of the most pristine reefs in the park. As you enter, a hearty mix of hard and soft corals greet you. Drifting along, orange soft corals begin to pop up all over the sloping landscape. Before long, you find yourself in an endless field of staghorn corals stretching over a plateau of 3m all the way down to 14m. In this seemingly endless garden, turtles laze about, munching on their feast. Turning your head to the blue, black tip sharks are known to fly by. As you round the corner, the drift slows down, allowing divers to search more keenly for nudibranch, shrimps, and seahorses. On a rising tide, Tatawa Besar is a gentle drift but can become quite fast on a falling tide. It is suitable for all levels as the reef is best above 18m

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