Scuba diving in Taranto Wreck

From Boat
Diver level
Average: 75.44 ft
Maximum: 173.84 ft
No current
Average: 32.8 ft
Maximum: 98.4 ft
Located not far from Dubrovnik, the Taranto Wreck is suitable for advanced divers. This merchant vessel was used by the Italian navy throughout World War II as a transport ship. In 1943, while carrying flour and tractors to Dubrovnik, the Taranto struck an underwater mine and ran into the Grebeni islands and sank. The ship’s bow now lies at a depth of only 10m/32ft, and as the Taranto sits at a 45-degree angle, the dive takes you down towards the ship’s steam engine. The stern is located at a depth of 40m/131ft. Two tractors and the remains of the cargo lie strewn around the wreck. The rupture in the bow created by collision with the cliff allows divers to dive under the wreck.

When to go

Taranto is good for diving year-round, though the most pleasant time is during the summer months, when the air temperature is about 27C/80F and the water temperature averages 22-25C/71-77F.

What to see

The Taranto is now an ideal home for many underwater species, including schools of mullets, cardinalfish, scorpionfish, lobsters and octopuses.

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