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Rempart Serpent

  • Depth max:

    20 m
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Must see
Rempart Serpent, or Snake Reef, is a dive site located within 15 minutes from Flic en Flac (west part of Mauritius). Because of some strong currents this site is recommended for more experienced divers.

When To Go Diving

The temperature stays 24-26C/75-78F through the most of the year. The "high" season is considered from November to mid-January and the whole of May when the temperature is around 26-29C/78-84F. Water temperature throughout the year is around 20-30C/68-86F.

What to see

The site was named after the winding snake-like rock formation lying 25m/82ft below the surface. Because of the seaweeds on the top of the reef that sway with the currents the reef actually seems to be creeping over the ocean floor. This location is characterized by a grouping of immobile or hidden predators including lion fish, stone fish, scorpion fish, groupers, murena, soles, squill-fish as well as a great variety of small reef fish like butterfly and angel fish.