Scuba diving in Kuroshigiri Canyon

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Kuroshigiri Canyon is at North Raa Atoll in the Maldivian Archipelago, and has interesting topography. This dive site is the most popular site with divers in this area, with a sloping reef, hard and soft corals, and mysterious caves teeming with life. The best way to explore this area is by trying a local liveaboard program for at least 7 days. Visitors can have a pleasurable experience diving in the Rainbow Caves and Maafaru Caves, which are on the west side of the atoll near the south. Divers who prefer underwater photography may take rare pictures here.

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When to go

Divers can visit this site during almost any month of the year and enjoy warm temperatures and calm surface conditions, except during the June monsoons. The water temperature at Kuroshigiri Canyon varies around 27-30C/80-86F.

What to see

While scuba diving here, some frequently seen species are wrasses, surgeonfish, parrotfish, bannerfish, and lots of fusiliers, unicornfish, butterflyfish, triggerfish, sea whips, black corals, and tubastrea corals.

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