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    to 30m
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North Male Atoll

Rasfari is located near North Malé Atoll, Maldives and features some gently sloping drops, walls, and a plateau. The reef is in a healthy condition, and the current is light to moderate. Rasfari is a paradise for watching huge manta rays at their cleaning stations and eagle rays flying by.

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When To Go Diving

The best time for diving at Rasfari and spotting manta rays is the dry season, from January to April. There tends to be a lot of rain and wind from June through November. The average water temperature is 26-29C/79-84F, and the air usually ranges between 28-30C/82-86F.

What to see

Colorful corals are full of triggerfish, parrotfish, trumpetfish, and angelfish, while smaller rocks hide crustaceans like shrimp, lobsters, and starfish in between them.

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