Scuba diving in Koh Wai

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The island is situated south of Koh Chang, Thailand. This is a nice, shallow, fringing reef, consisting of mainly hard corals with soft corals along the deeper part of the reef slope. The dive site is for intermediate divers, and the depth ranges from 5-20m/16-66ft. Rays can often be spotted on the sandy bottom. Some diving is done on the pinnacles close to Koh Wai, and also on the rocky side of the island. The island is reasonably sheltered, making it a fine site for night diving. This is also an excellent site for snorkeling or training dives. The shallower parts of the reef are characterized by a plentiful range of reef fish and small invertebrates. Leopard sharks also can be seen here.

When to go

The best months to dive are December to March. The warmest month is April, with an average air temperature of 31C/88F. The coolest month is January, with an average air temperature of 25C/77F. The water temperature ranges from 24-28C/75-82F. Generally the visibility is from 5-25m/16-82ft. Currents are occasional.

What to see

Reef, corals,pinnacles, reef fish, leopard sharks.

Reachable from

Ko Chang

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