Scuba diving in The Cathedral

From Boat
Diver level
Average: 20 m
Maximum: 36 m
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 30 m
Cathedral is located near Koh Haa Yai island, which is the most southerly of the Ko Haa islands. It is a big cavern with chambers and swim throughs. Two of the chambers are united by a shallow swim through at about 8m/26ft. The site is safe to enter, and has a large entrance located between 6m/19ft and 13m/42ft and only one way in and one way out. But of the two large caves, the eastern cave is extending about 15m/49ft in and at the back of this cave there is another entrance into a narrow cave system this dive should be done by more experienced divers.

When to go

Diving is possible all year round. Average air temperatures is around 27-31C/80-87F. The sea temperature is about 28C/82F all year round.

What to see

Visitors can spot various underwater creatures such as manta rays, giant turtles, sharks, even a whale shark, as well as octopus, squid, cuttlefish, sea horses and spiny lobsters. Limestone stalactites hang from the top of ceiling, over 30m/98ft height, and natural light filters through from the waters below, creating a magical effect inside the cavern.

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