Scuba diving in Trstenik Canyon

From Boat
Diver level
Average: 3 m
Maximum: 20 m
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 20 m

Trstenik Canyon is represented by a big deep crevice with various attractions for divers. Diving in Trstenik Canyon starts at shallow waters near the island and then continues at a vertical wall with several small caves and caverns. Divers can also explore the huge ledge called Gulliver's Nose. There is enough space to move in canyon and examine all of the corals and sea creatures carpeting the rock formations. Scuba diving in Trstenik Canyon dive spot is a real adventure due to the multiple shadows and lights intervening and reflecting on the walls, charming every diver with the scenery.


When to go

Diving in Trstenik Canyon is advisable during the summer season – from June to September. Average air temperature during this period is 23-27C/73-80F. Usual water temperatures are of 18-26C/64-78F. Winter months are characterized by cooler temperatures – 7-13C/44-55F.

What to see

Diving in Trstenik Canyon let divers watch the abundance of marine species. Divers can encounter octopi, squids, crabs, nudibranchs, scorpion fish, damsel fish, wrasse and gobies.

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