Liveaboard diving in

Sveti Andrija

  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    80 m
  • Visibility:

    to 15m
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Sveti Andrija is one of islands of beautiful Elaphite archipelago, serving as a lighthouse from 1874 and surrounded with many legends. A dive starts in the shallows on the sheltered part of the island at 3 m depth and divers descend along the edge of the cliff dropping down into blue darkness and complete stillness to 80 m depth. It is one of the most magnificent descends in Adriatic and a must see for every experienced diver. The cliff is rich with marine life and it is also one of rare places where a famous red coral can be seen. A sandy seabed offers extraordinary beauty of colorful Mediterranean flora and fauna: beautiful sponges, amberjacks, damselfish, triplefins etc. On the ascent, divers can visit a cave on 12 m inhabited with pink algae and sea slugs

When To Go Diving

Diving can be done all year round, though the high diving season occurs from May to November. The average sea temperature throughout the year varies from 12-23C/55-75F

What to see

In these crystal clear waters divers will see the abundance of marine life, which includes damselfish, groupers, triple-fins, and many others. On the inside of the cave divers can find pink algae and sea slugs. A cliff dropping down to 80 m depth, a cave on 12 m, red coral, sandy seabed rich with marine life, one of the most spectacular descends in blue depth on the Adriatic