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Vassilios T

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  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    55 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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The Vassilios T is a Greek cargo shipwreck, located along the coast of Vis Island, close to the cape of Stupišće. This 100m/330ft-long and 15m/50ft-wide wreck was built in 1920 at the Nitta Shipyard in Osaka, Japan. On March 19, 1939, while going from Swansea, Wales to Venice, Italy, the Vassilios T hit the cliffs in a storm and went down with a cargo of coal. Now it is a very interesting wreck that lies on its port side at a depth of 22-55m/ft and is absolutely intact. Those who would like to reveal the secrets of the vessel's interior will need an underwater lamp.

When To Go Diving

High diving season is considered to be from May to September. The water temperature varies from 14C/57F in winter to 24C/75 in summer.

What to see

While diving through the wreck, divers will see objects of everyday use and other cargo (either throughout the cargo holds and around the vessel). The mast is still in place to explore, and at some distance of the wreck divers can find the remains of the bow, cabins, and the ship's ropes. Some of the marine life divers can spot on this dive are numerous sponges, rainbow wrasses, goldfish, and mullet.