Scuba diving in Great Barrier Reef

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Diver level
Average: 16.4 ft
Maximum: 131.2 ft
Average: 65.6 ft
Maximum: 131.2 ft

The Great Barrier Reef is the genuine Australian treasure, which lures thousands of tourists from across the globe. It is a magnificent and impressive ecosystem covering more than 2000km/1350mi in length and lying almost parallel to the Queensland's coastline. This structure consists of almost 3000 separate reefs and nearly 300 cays and is so immense that one may see it even from open space. More than 600 of separate continental islands with perfect beaches offer great conditions for sun-bathing and cruising around, multiple helicopter tours provide a spectacular view on the reef from the heights and charming liveaboard trips are planned to expose the most marvelous local dive sites. The Great Barrier Reef should stay on the first position of every diver's “must-dive” list. Diving around this diving region is an exceptional experience and reveals striking marine riches. Divers can examine hundreds of coral types, explore multiple pinnacles, caves, caverns, watch whales, swim with dolphins and make fantastic underwater photographs. Diving in the Great Barrier Reef is possible at the depth ranging from 5-10m/16-32ft, suitable for beginners to 40m/131ft, advisable for experienced and techno divers. Currents are usually gentle, however, might reach 2 knots in single places. Dive sites are accessible either from shore or by boat. More than 300 unique dive sites represent diving in the are. The most remarkable spots are The Ribbon Reefs and Osprey Reefs. The other popular sites are Cod Hole, Gotham City, Barracuda Bommie, Henderson’s Rock and Coral Gardens. 

When to go

Diving in Australia is possible during the whole year with similar average temperatures. Summer period runs from December to February with approximate air temperatures of 24-30C/75-88F. Water temperature is over 25C/77F. The period from June to August is winter and general air temperatures are of 22-25C/71-77F. Water temperature is approximately 20C/68F. 

What to see

Scuba-diving in the Great Barrier Reef is represented by an astonishing biodiversity. Divers can explore the most inconspicuous nooks to search for tiny crabs, mollusks, nudibracnchs,snails, pipefish and seahorses. Among the other local representatives are manta rays, cods, moray eels, groupers, clown fish, puffer fish, truouts, snappers, lionfish, red bass, snappers, whales, sharks and giant turtles. All of the creatures roaming around corals and sponges create an all-in-one colorful picture living its own life.


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  • Cairns Down Under Cruise & Dive

    Get High Up Top & Dive Down Under

    All aboard or luxury mono-hull vessel "Osprey V" and speed out to the Outer Great Barrier Reef from Cairns. Enjoy some snorkeling then prepare for your included scuba dive. For First Time Divers - after an in-depth briefing from our expert dive staff, we gear you up and jump in the water for the thrill of a lifetime as we guide you through this amazing wonderland. For Certified Divers - either buddy up with a friend or join our guides as we push the limits and explore the amazing ecology of the reef. After arriving at Hastings Reef at 1pm, you'll be briefed then loaded onto one of our state of the art helicopters for an unforgettable 10 minute flight around the reef. Turtles, sharks and even whales can be spotted from up high and you get a feel for the awesome size of this amazing natural wonder. In the afternoon there is a choice of a ride on our Semi-submersial boat tour (weather dependent)($10 pre booked or pay on board), more snorkeling or diving, or just laze around on our massive sun-deck. Finally cruise back to Cairns while enjoying our on-board entertainer as he sings and performs his famous didgeridoo show. Prior to diving you will be required to fill in a Medical Questionnaire. Divers over 65yrs require a medical - if you answer YES to any question you will be referred to a qualified physician for a Dive Medical assessment that conforms to Australian Standard AS4005-1. You will not be allowed to dive until you are fit to dive

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