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Fakarava North

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One of the widest passes in French Polynesia, offering an expansive underwater playground for divers. The dive is typically a drift dive, taking advantage of the incoming or outgoing tides to explore the pass. Divers can expect to navigate through large coral bommies, encounter cleaning stations frequented by sharks, and explore the rich coral gardens hosting an abundance of marine life. The site's vastness and dynamic currents make it an exciting location for experienced divers seeking a challenging and rewarding dive

When To Go Diving

Like its southern counterpart, the best time to dive in Fakarava North is from April to November. This period offers excellent visibility and more comfortable diving conditions

What to see

Fakarava North is famous for its large shark population, particularly grey reef sharks and the occasional hammerhead shark. The site also boasts a rich coral ecosystem, teeming with life, including schools of barracudas, snappers, and various reef fish. Unique to Fakarava North is the presence of rare fish species and a higher likelihood of spotting pelagic species passing through