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Crystal Rock

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  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    25 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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Reef sharks
Crystal Rock, a captivating dive site nestled within the Komodo National Park, is an essential destination for liveaboard diving enthusiasts. This remarkable site can be explored as part of a dedicated Crystal Rock cruise, offering divers an extraordinary underwater experience. Diving at Crystal Rock reveals a plethora of remarkable features, including encounters with a diverse array of marine life. Divers can marvel at the vibrant coral gardens, swim alongside schools of surgeonfish, trevally, and snappers, and catch glimpses of majestic creatures like reef sharks and eagle rays. With its thriving ecosystem and stunning underwater scenery, Crystal Rock promises an unforgettable diving adventure that showcases the wonders of Komodo National Park

When To Go Diving

Crystal Rock in the Komodo National Park offers exceptional diving experiences throughout the year. The best time to dive here is during the dry season from April to November when the water visibility is at its peak. Divers can encounter a diverse range of fish species, including schools of trevally, surgeonfish, and snappers, as well as larger marine creatures like reef sharks and eagle rays. The site is known for its moderate to strong currents, which bring nutrient-rich waters and enhance the marine biodiversity. The underwater temperature ranges from 24 to 28 degrees °C (75 to 82 degrees °F), providing comfortable conditions for divers to explore this captivating dive site

What to see

Crystal Rock, situated within the mesmerizing Komodo National Park, is a renowned dive site known for its remarkable marine life and vibrant coral formations. Divers exploring this underwater paradise can witness a plethora of fish species, including schools of surgeonfish, trevally, and snappers. Additionally, encounters with larger marine creatures like reef sharks and eagle rays are not uncommon. The coral gardens surrounding Crystal Rock are teeming with life, showcasing a diverse range of hard and soft corals, creating a visually stunning backdrop for divers to admire as they explore the depths. This enchanting dive site offers a captivating glimpse into the thriving underwater ecosystem of Komodo National Park

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