Scuba diving in Abades Beach

From Shore
Diver level
Average: 2 m
Maximum: 25 m
Average: 5 m
Maximum: 30 m
Abades is a dive site in Tenerife. The depth of this location ranges between 2-25m/6-82ft. The absence of strong currents makes it a good site for divers of all experience levels. This dive site offers a wide variety of sea life to explore including several spieces of rays, angel sharks, barracudas, trumpet fish, moray eels, octopus, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, anemones, parrot fish, damselfish, wrasse as well as algae covered rock formations and sea grass. Also there are a few small caves to explore located just below 5m/16ft.

When to go

Diving in Abades is possible all year around but the most favorable time to go is from April to October. During this high season the water temperature stays around 24C/75F. While in February it drops to 17C/63F. The air temperature in the summer is 30C/86F. Winters are less warm, the air temperature is about 17C/63F.

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