Scuba diving in Yellow Wall

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Diver level
Average: 20 m
Maximum: 35 m
Average: 5 m
Maximum: 20 m
The Yellow Wall of Texas dive site is located off the east coast of Nusa Kode, east of Komodo. The beautiful wall starts at 5m/16ft deep and goes down to a depth of 40m/131ft, but divers don’t need to descend that deep, because the most interesting marine life is found at the shallower depths. The yellow color of the wall becomes more evident in the afternoon when the sun provides more natural lighting. Then divers will see that the dominance of the yellow is caused by an abundance of yellow sea cucumbers, which almost completely cover this beautiful wall, along with the soft yellow and orange corals.

When to go

The annual water temperature of 25-28C/77-82F allows for year-round diving at this site. However, the high season lasts from November to March. The visibility is lower in July and August, when the water temperature is cooler and the sea is more nutrient-rich.

What to see

The signature attraction of this dive site is the proliferation of yellow sea cucumbers. Divers will also see an interesting variety of colorful nudibranchs, beautiful soft corals, and plentiful shoals of small reef fish. At the deeper end of the wall, divers can spot some bigger marine species, such as red snappers, green sea turtles, and a couple of whitetip sharks.

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