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Sumilon Island is located 125km/78mi to the southwest of Cebu. The marine sanctuary, located on one side of the island, is the first fish sanctuary that was opened in the Philippines, which was initiated in 1974 by Silliman University. It is a relatively small reserve that is 750m/2461ft long and consists of a reef that is 100m/330ft in length and a sharp slope that goes down to 30m/98ft deep. The sanctuary has beautiful coral garden scenery and caverns to explore. The reserve was recognized to be one of the places with the most fish in the Philippines. Both reef fish and sharks are frequent visitors to this dive site. Sumilon Island constantly has currents, so it can only be recommended for experienced divers

When To Go Diving

It is possible to dive at Sumilon Island throughout the year, but the best time to dive at the Sumilon Marine Sanctuary is December through May, which has the least rainfall. The water temperature here varies from 27°C/81°F in January to 30°C/86°F in April. The air temperature is 29°C/84°F in January and 32°C/90°F in April. The strength of the currents here depends on the phase of the moon

What to see

The Sumilon Marine Sanctuary is famous for its outstandingly beautiful hard and soft corals of diverse species. Plenty of nudibranchs and nudibranchs inhabit this spot. Blue-spotted stingrays and cuttlefish are often present, along with occasional visits by different species of sharks, such as whale sharks and hammerheads

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