Scuba diving in Redondo Beach

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From Shore
Diver level
Average: 8 m
Maximum: 22 m
No current
Average: 7 m
Maximum: 15 m
The dive site at Redondo Beach has nice and easy shore diving for divers of all levels of experience. The dive site is well established and easily accessible. The stairway, located walking distance from the parking lot, will lead divers to the beach. The water entry is relatively easy, except for the infrequent occasions when surf here can get pretty big, making the entry a bit more complicated. Novice divers explore this dive site at a depth of 15-25ft/5-8m, and there will be plenty of marine life to see at this depth. Approximately 295ft/90m from the beach there is a steep wall that drops down to a depth of over 70ft/21m. Only experienced divers can descend along the wall, where they can find an array of interesting marine creatures, hiding in various nooks and crannies. This dive site is also great for night diving.

When to go

It is possible to dive at Redondo Beach all year round, and often divers are recommended to come here in winter, when the visibility is the best. However, to be warm, divers need a dry suit with thermal undergarments, because the annual water temperature ranges from 45-55F/7-13C.

What to see

At shallower depths of this site, divers will see species including sand bass, squid, crabs, octopi, ratfish, and some other fish. In deeper waters divers can see bat rays, calico bass, white seaperch, California halibut, California sheephead, and possibly leopard sharks and horn sharks.

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