Liveaboard diving in

Punta Prieta

  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    38 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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This is a deep dive which is best suited for experienced divers. The average depth here is 20m/66ft. The maximum depth is 38m/125ft. Divers can explore small caves and rocky formations and observe many corals, morays, rays, sardines, frog fish, seahorses, queen trigger fish, shoals of grunt fish, octopus, scorpion fish, sea sponges and sea urchins as well as other pelagic fish. There are medium currents, around 1-2 knots. The underwater visibility varies from 10m/33ft to 30m/98ft. Diving here is done from a shore. It is a beautiful dive site for underwater photography.

When To Go Diving

Diving is possible all year round, but the best time to go is from May to October. In the winter the air temperature varies from 17C/36F to 22C/72F and in the summer the air temperature varies from 26C/79F to 30C/86F. The average water temperature is 23C/73F in July and 18C/64F in January.