Liveaboard diving in

Premantura wreck

The crystal-clear sea takes on a particularly beautiful color near Premantura, which offers shoals, reefs and shipwrecks. Wreck diving in Premantura is amazing, there are a lot of unknown wrecks as well as the Cesare Rossarol (depth: 44-55m/144-180ft) and the Luana (39-48m/127-157ft) wrecks, for experienced divers. A great many scorpionfish and various species of crabs, some cuttlefish, sea hares, congers and many another living organism can be observed at this location.

When To Go Diving

Summers offer warm, dry weather, with temperatures of around 20-27C/68-80F; winters are cooler, temperatures rarely falling below 5C/41F. Favorable weather for diving is from May to September.