Tubbataha National Park

Discover the underwater paradise at Tubbataha National Park - where vibrant coral reefs meet exotic marine life. Your dream destination for liveaboard diving in the Philippines



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Marine Biodiversity
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Nestled in the heart of the Sulu Sea, Tubbataha National Park is a sanctuary for both novice and experienced divers alike. Home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this pristine marine park offers unparalleled scuba diving in the Philippines. Dive into crystal-clear waters teeming with an extraordinary range of marine biodiversity - from awe-inspiring schools of jackfish to playful dolphins. The Jessie Beazley Reef alone is an underwater spectacle of vivid corals and rare species. With unparalleled Tubbataha dive sites, the park is a living testament to the ocean's grandeur


Must see dive sites of Tubbataha National Park

In your underwater journey through Tubbataha National Park, you'll venture far beyond the famed Jessie Beazley Reef. Each dive site has its unique allure. Tubbataha Reef invites you to encounter vivid coral gardens teeming with colorful reef fish. Delsan Wreck offers a chance to dive into history as you explore a sunken vessel that is now a bustling marine habitat. At Shark Airport, shark enthusiasts will find their haven, as grey reef sharks frequent the area, and occasionally, you'll spot the majestic hammerhead. Malayan Wreck showcases a thriving underwater ecosystem that has taken over this shipwreck, featuring schools of batfish and trevally. These coveted sites collectively elevate Tubbataha National Park as the pinnacle of liveaboard diving in the Philippines

When To Go Dive at Tubbataha National Park

The best time to dive Tubbataha is from late March to early June, during the Tubbataha diving season. This season is particularly short, making it all the more special and coveted. During these optimal months, not only does the park reveal its true beauty with visibility up to 30 meters, but the water temperature is also quite inviting, ranging from 26 to 30 °C (79 to 86 °F). This creates an idyllic diving experience in both comfort and clarity. Don't miss this brief window to explore one of the world's most pristine marine environments
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