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North Save-a-Tack

  • Visibility:

    to 50m
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Namena Marine Reserve

Beautiful soft coral bommies and schools of big fish attract divers to North Save a Tack in the Namena Reserve. This dive site has a diverse reef structure, corals, and a steep reef wall that tops out at about 30m/100ft. Schools of bigeye jacks and redtooth triggerfish swim gracefully through these structures. The visibility is quite good: more than 50m/164ft, except December to April.

When To Go Diving

Diving in North Save a Tack is available all year, but the best time to dive is from May to October/November, when the temperature is not too high, the air is less humid, and tropical cyclones are unlikely. Tropical cyclones are the most likely in March. The average air temperature varies from 24C/75F in winter to 35C/95F in summer. The average water temperature is about 24-29C/75-84F all year round.

What to see

The marine life in North Save a Tack includes tuna, anthias, gobies, octopi, and garden eels. On the bottom, divers can see gray and white flipper sharks, barracudas, and bonito.