Scuba diving in Miyaru Kandu

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Diver level
Average: 5 m
Maximum: 40 m
Moderate to strong.
Average: 15 m
Maximum: 30 m

Miyaru Kandu is a fascinating channel dive in the Maldives that features many small caves on both sides of the channel and numerous overhangs. The entire channel has been declared a protected marine area. This memorable drift dive is experienced on an incoming current, however even with an outgoing current divers are likely to get a lot of action, though the visibility is not so good. The south side passage of the site contains many large rocks covered with soft corals and teeming with reef fish. On the north side of the channel there is a cave 33m/108ft deep, which is ideal for spotting grey reef sharks. There are also many caves and overhangs at deeper depths on the outside of the reef. This location is ideal for underwater photography.

When to go

Diving can be done all year round. High diving season is from December to April. Average water temperature throughout the year stays within 26-28C/78-82F range.

What to see

It is a site to observe big pelagic fish as well as gorgeous corals, a nice collection of soft and hard corals can be explored. Big pelagic fish like sharks, eagle rays, tuna and Napoleon wrasse can be found here, as well as many colorful reef fish. Whitetip and black-tip reef sharks are often seen in the channel, while grey reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and the occasional tiger shark can be seen on the outer side of the reef.

Reachable from

Thinadhoo, Dhiggiri, Alimathaa

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