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Perfect visibility
Lucice Cave (Špilja Lučice, pronounced Shpilya Luchitse) lies on the southeast shore of the island of Brac (Brač) and can only be approached by boat, ideally from Milna harbor. This cave dive is suited to advanced divers. The cave is vertical and has two entrances, the first with an opening 3m/10ft in diameter and the second 6m/20ft in diameter. The entrances lead down to a 25m/82ft-deep chamber, at the bottom of which are two cone-shaped tunnels whose openings are maximum 2m/6.5ft in diameter, tapering down to the bottom, at a maximum depth of 47m/154ft. The lower tunnels can be explored, but note that they are out of range of daylight, so torches and reels are necessary.

When To Go Diving

The best time for diving the Lucice Cave (Špilja Lučice) site is from May to September. Water temperature averages around 25C/77F. The average depth is 20m/66ft and maximum depths are up to 40m/131ft. Water visibility is good: 20m/66ft. No currents.

What to see

Luсice Cave has interesting marine life, including many fish and corals to admire.