Scuba diving in Jardines

Diver level
Average: 6 m
Maximum: 12 m
Average: 10 m
Maximum: 30 m
Jardines received its name because of its garden like vegetation which includes sponges, fans and hard corals as well as various colorful reef fish. The reef is covered with sea whips and other treelike plants that give home to an abundance of marine life including spotted and green moray eels. The middle of the reef is the most colorful, especially the edges between the reef and the sand, where small overhangs can be seen. The average depth is 6m/20ft and the maximum depth is close to 12m/40ft. This dive site is suited for all divers. Typically, visibility is good, 10-30 m/32-98ft. Currents are low, less than 1 knot.

When to go

Diving is available all year long, though the period from June to October is less preferable due to the hurricane season. The average annual air temperature ranges from 23C/73F to 28C/82F.

Reachable from

Playa del Carmen

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