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Huge country with huge adventures! Mexico had been always considered as an outstanding touristic destination, has recently become an important scuba diving spot. It has it all, from the wild waters of the Pacific coast to the fascinating beaches and adorable bays of the Caribbean. Each time Mexico offers a brand new experience, there is always something you haven’t seen yet!

If you are thrilled by the exciting open ocean diving, go ahead and discover the wild Pacific with its great white shark and whales on a liveaboard diving trip.


The best known of the Revillagigedos Islands in Mexico, Socorro already become a famous place to dive. You should not expect a beautiful underwater scenery and colorful reefs. Here, everything is about the animals! It’s a big action movie featuring manta rays, dolphins and of course sharks (hammerhead, silk, whitetip, silvertip, tiger, Galapagos and whale sharks). You can also meet humpback whales during their period of migration through late January – early April. The best diving season here lies from November through May. And yes, liveaboard diving trip is the only way to dive Socorro. Check the liveaboards here–>


Small island with big ambitions. Diving here is all about one fascinating creature – the great white shark. Guadalupe Island is one of the most famous spots to dive with great white shark in cages. There are no particular dive sites here, you are lowering in a cage to have one of the most exciting moments of your life. Diving here is also open for non-divers with a condition of the cage being kept on a surface. The best season to go for a liveaboard diving trip here is August through October. Check the liveaboards here–>

Sea of Cortez

Baja California is known for its calmer waters and thousands of beautiful islands. This is one of the most biodiverse places worldwide. Unlike other destinations on the Pacific coast of Mexico, Sea of Cortez has beautiful reef scenery. Jacques Yves Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez the “World’s Aquarium” with around 30% of the cetacean species on earth. You are so likely to meet with hammerheads, whale sharks, playful sea lions and tunas. Liveaboard diving season here is from July to October. Check the liveaboards here–>

When planning a liveaboard diving trip to Mexico you should keep in mind that this is kind of destination to book in advance. You are very likely to find all liveaboards fully booked for an upcoming 6 months delay. And unlike many other destinations there in a very low chance to grab a special discounted price for a trip. So if you are dreaming about going on a liveaboard trip to Mexico, just evaluate all offers or directly contact your agent to help you to choose the best possible offer.

List of major liveaboards in Mexico

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