Diving getaway or what makes the South Atolls of the Maldives so special

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The Best of the Maldives – is a common name for the diving safaris exploring the Central Atolls of the Maldives. Everybody knows it, everybody loves it, everybody dives here. What if we want to be different? What if we wish to step out of the box?

Diving getaway or what makes the South Atolls of the Maldives so special

Let’s go deeper to the South. Everything that is situated south from (1) Male is considered as South Atolls. However, we would like to focus on true pearls – (2) Huvadhoo (Gaafu Alifu, Gaafu Dhaalu), (3) Foahmulah (Gnaviyani), (4) Addu Atholhu (Seenu) Atolls. So, what makes Deep South itineraries so special? Appears it’s quite simple and reasonable, diving is just much better far from the madding crowd! The deeper on South we go, the fewer people and civilization it gets. With more unspoiled healthy corals, nature and marine inhabitants get wilder.

Huvadhoo – the largest and the least inhabited atoll is known for its most beautiful channels, full of life corals, hammerheads, and even silky sharks during the morning dives. You will be also surprised to welcome huge whale sharks under your liveaboard at night.

Foahmulah is a tiny atoll in the heart of the ocean. There are not many dive sites, however, the chance to meet “a big thing” is extremely high. Divers often report thresher sharks, mola mola, and tiger sharks!

Addu Atoll is the southern spot of the Maldives. The atoll itself is sufficiently developed, but not crowded by divers. Besides the channels, thilas, and coral walls, this place is the most famous for diving with mantas.

You will ask when to dive on south? The best time is February-April. These months there is basically no wind and, as south atolls are so lost in an open ocean, the channels are wider, so calm weather is the crucial criterion when it comes to diving the Deep South. Strong wind and currents will make it super uncomfortable to dive in the south and probably dangerous because of the risk of high waves and storms. So we highly recommend choosing trips to south routes with high attention to suggested months.

You will have to take local flights if the port of departure is different from Male. Another option is an extended trip, some liveaboards will take you from Male to south, or from South port back to Male for the 10 or even 14 nights diving trip.

When it comes to choosing the liveaboard, here is the list of reliable operators running trips to the Deep South:

Turns out there are not so many liveaboards operating in the deep south and the season is highly restricted, the competition to get your spot is pretty high. That is the case when you should take care about organizing your vacation in advance, do not count on last-minute deals. By the end, you will absolutely enjoy it!

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