Scuba diving in Black Rock

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Diver level
Average: 15 m
Maximum: 25 m
Average: 15 m
Maximum: 30 m

Black Rock is a dive site featuring a gently sloping plateau, located on the north east of South Atoll. The healthy coral reef offers a variety of species here. The current ranges from light to moderate.

When to go

Diving in Black Rock is possible from February till June. The average air temperature stays around 26-29C/79-84F, while the water can reach slightly warmer temperatures with the average staying around 28-29C/82-84F.

What to see

Black Rock is well-known for its population of white-tip sharks as well as nurse sharks, titan triggerfish and surgeon fish. Other species include rainbow runners, boxfish, frogfish and filefish swimming past table corals and gorgonians. This reef has many smaller critters as well, such as various shrimps, lobsters, crabs and abundance of bright nudibranches.

Reachable from

Puerto Princesa

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