Dive into the Arctic's frozen wonders with expeditions to Spitzbergen and East Greenland, where glaciers meet the sea
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Embarking on an Arctic-polar diving expedition presents an unparalleled adventure, where the icy waters of the polar regions unveil a world far removed from anything else on Earth. From the remote archipelago of Svalbard, with its dramatic landscapes of Spitzbergen, to the awe-inspiring fjords of East Greenland, these journeys are not just about exploring the surface but also discovering the mysteries that lie beneath the Arctic waves.

Spitzbergen, Svalbard: This expedition route combines the stark beauty of northern and southern Svalbard, taking adventurers through key Arctic locations like Liefdefjorden, Edgeøya, and Bear Island's vibrant bird colonies. The varied fjords and majestic shorelines offer chances to spot Arctic wildlife, including foxes, polar bears, and an array of whale species and seabirds. The underwater realm here is just as captivating, with cold-water corals and unique marine life adapted to the polar environment.

East Greenland - Scoresby Sund: Crossing the Arctic Circle, this expedition enters the waters teeming with whales, navigating towards the world's largest and deepest fjord system. The journey is illuminated by the ethereal glow of the Northern Lights, guiding the way to colossal icebergs and remote coastlines. Marine and bird life flourish, with potential sightings of fulmars, kittiwakes, and whales. The dive sites in Scoresby Sund offer encounters with ice formations and marine species in crystal clear, though cold, waters.

Diving in the Arctic: Diving in the Arctic is an endeavor that demands experience and skill. Participants must be proficient in dry suit diving and familiar with cold water conditions. The adventure is governed by the unpredictable Arctic weather and ice conditions, ensuring each dive is a unique experience. The underwater landscapes, from icebergs frozen in time to the diverse marine life, offer a silent world waiting to be explored

When To Go Dive in Arctic Circle

The optimal time for Arctic polar diving expeditions is during the Arctic summer, from June to September. During these months, the water temperature, while still cold, ranges from 2°C to 4°C (35°F to 39°F), and the ice recedes enough to access most diving sites. Visibility can extend up to 30 meters (100 feet) in these pristine waters, offering clear views of the underwater Arctic world

Water temperature
2 C
2 C
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2 C
3 C
5 C
6 C
7 C
7 C
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4 C
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Arctic voyage
A trip to arctic whales aboard a ship was my dream. It eventually came true. Thanks to Divebooker and the crew of Sula everything went so smoothly, I did not have any single issue. A close a... Read more
pproach to majestic orcas and whale watching is something that stays long in your memory. Now I'll be looking forward to repeat such a memorable nordic voyage some time in the future
D. Endas
A unique exciting experience with ship, crew and food to match
I recently enjoyed a great experience on board the Plancius and shared scuba diving with 16 other divers and 3 dive leaders, on a board that had about 105 passengers. The boat was excelle... Read more
nt for also needing to be suitable for the Antarctic, supporting both scuba divers, kayakers and land lovers. But what made the trip was the crew, having been on about 10 dive-only boats and experiences good customer service, the folks on this boat where amazing and put some of those dive-only boats into second place for sure. The diving was a polar experience, so with that in mind you expectations are adjusted from perhaps warm water reefs. With that in mind I had a few great encounters with different seals, fleeting glimpse of a penguin darting by and some bottom life to keep your mind focused away from the chilly waters. This is a dive experience like none others and the Plancius is well worth choosing for that epic adventure. Would strongly recommend!
K. Dan