Liveaboard diving in

Water Lily and Emily Wrecks

  • Diver level:

  • Depth max:

    26 m
  • Visibility:

    to 30m
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Must see

Water Lily and Emily is a site that consists of two old water barges lying at an angle to each other on the sandy bottom at a depth of 26m/85ft. Both wrecks are close to each other and can be reached in one dive. This is a dive site that hosts a lot of fish and moray eels. Diving here is available for advanced divers.

When To Go Diving

Diving is possible anytime of the year. The air temperature stays around 17-30C/62-86F throughout the year. The average water temperature ranges from 20-28C/62-82F. The average depth of the site is 26m/85ft.

Reviews about Water Lily and Emily Wrecks

There are 2 wrecks that are not so far from each o
There are 2 wrecks that are not so far from each other, so it's possible to reach both of them during one dive! The visibility is excellent like everywhere in Mauritius from my personal experience. Great place for photographers who are seeking for moray eels and lots of fish as well. Lili
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